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Fan Vid A Capri!

Posted by bodiecuddle on 2015.04.28 at 22:54
This is for a friend of mine. She had a Capri and i was a lucky person to join a ride...

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The Pros Christmas Carols are up in High Res

Posted by maidavids on 2007.12.19 at 09:06
The three Pros Christmas carols are now up in MP2 format, high resolution.  Christmas Song by Nat King Cole; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen in a Nat King Cole version and a Garth Brooks version.
If you need the smaller MP4 version, let me know. Life is too frantic to change the fandom files, so all Christmas carols this year will only appear in the Christmas list, as shown above.
Happy Christmas and please tell people that Henry Livingston wrote Night Before Christmas. Best, Mary  http://www.henrylivingston.com

Linda Rondstadt's "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" up in mpeg2 (234MB) and mp4 (30MB). There's a small one scene change.
Best, Mary

Posted by crimson_37 on 2007.08.02 at 18:33
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Back in May schnuffi mentioned a song, in passing, that she said she thought would make a great Pros vid.

I 'so' agreed.

And here is the result.
Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
{click this link as normal, right click and save when you get to download page}
Size:- 67.5MB
This video is in divx format. If you don't have a divx player you can download it for free here. If you prefer not to download that, you should be able to play it with the VLC player - which will play just about anything, and can be found here.

The lyrics should you need themRead more...Collapse )


x-posted to the_safehouse and ci5hq

And its wonderful! \o/



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Large version of "Waiting for a Friend"

Posted by maidavids on 2007.06.25 at 03:10
Waiting for a Friend - 233MB MPG (MPEG-2)
And the page that lists all the large videos.
Do let me know if I've screwed up anything.  Best, Mary

Gravel on the Ground - Mac Davis - 140 MB - Bodie&Doyle
I've also put up a page to point to all the large videos.
I'm reworking all the video pages, which means there's a good chance I'll screw things up, so let me know if a video isn't available. And if you have access to any other Pros group, I'd appreciate any spreading of the word about the new big ones.  Best, Mary

A conversation with Pat led me to consider putting up on my site the very high quality videos that are usually only distributed on DVDs for TV watching. I spent the day experimenting with my advance mailing list, and Paul and I have settled on putting up some zipped MPG files, including Professionals "Anticipation" (145 MB). The files are suitable for dropping to DVDs for TV watching. Let me know what you think about these big files, and let me know what the other MUST HAVE videos would be in this format. Because of the size, I can't guarantee how long I'll keep any file up. If you could spread the word thru other Pros lists, I would greatly appreciate it.
For now, look for videos with bright gold backgrounds.
Best, Mary

UK-based Vid Con in planning stages

Posted by taverymate on 2007.05.13 at 20:16
I know there are Pros vidders - and vid watchers! *g* - in the UK and throughout Europe. It would be great to have a Pros presence at the con.

LithiumDoll AKA halcyon_shift threw out the idea of setting up a UK-based vid con for those that are interested in fannish vidding and vids - as vidders and/or as viewers. She got enough interest to set up a new LJ community vidukon for kicking around ideas, dates, times, and locations. (The actual name of the con itself may change.)

Go to this post to read her initial thoughts and take the first interest poll:

Go to this post to see a poll on possible dates and locations:

Watch the UK VidCon LJ community for future posts and con planning:

Pass the word on to those you think might be interested. The brainstorming and planning is just in the initial stages, so all input is welcome. Please pop over and share your thoughts, even if you're not sure you could attend!

Cross-posted to get the info out to the widest fannish audience

blakes seven, b7, blakes 7, blake's seven, blake's 7

The last 3 corrected Pros vids are up

Posted by maidavids on 2007.04.19 at 21:54
We've finally transitioned over to the new machine, and we've put up the 3 corrected Pros vids that we weren't able to fit in before. Paul says it may take some time for the address of the new machine to propogate thru the Internet, but we did see downloads starting about an hour after we switched over. You can tell the new site from the old by the many more videos that are up, as well as a cleaner look, I hope. Recognizing that the Christmas videos were really a collection of videos from other groups, I added new collection pages for the videos of Julia Ecklar's songs and Tom Lehrer's. There's also a central page for whatever video plans or lyrics exist. Let me know if anything goes wrong, please. It's been pretty frantic here getting everything going again.
Best, Mary

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